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Guide Dogs Rights

The Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act, Chapter 413 of the Laws of Malta was enacted on 10 February, 2000, and subsequently amended by Legal Notice 426 of 2007; and Acts II and III of 2012. Part 2, Paragraph 6 of the Act states:
"A person shall be discriminating against another person on the grounds of disability if he treats, or proposes to treat, such other person less favourably than he treats or would treat others who do not have such a disability because of the fact that such other person is accompanied by –
(a) an interpreter; or
(b) a reader; or
(c) an assistant *; or
(d) a carer,
who provides interpretive, reading or other services to such other person because of the disability of such other person or because of any matter related to the fact, whether or not it is the practice to treat less favourably any person who is accompanied by an interpreter, reader, assistant or carer, as the case may be.”